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DH2 adalah ban sebuah ban dengan jarak tempuh yang panjang tapi tetap bergaya. Desainnya dapat melepaskan panas, sehingga jarak tempuh yang semakin jauh, handling yang baik di jalan basah.

A higher mileage tire with a sense of style.

With its ultra-wear-resistant tread compound, large pattern interior tread blocks, and heat-releasing shoulder design, the DH2 is engineered to go the distance quietly, stylishly and with a great wet-road grip that keeps you stable in the rain.

The DH2 is a quality all-season performance touring tire that is manufactured with a special tread compound that decreases rolling resistance. It is manufactured in over 60 sizes, so it can serve a full-range of passenger, SUV and crossover vehicles.

Features & Benefit

Asymmetric Pattern Design.

Our asymmetric 5-pitch tread pattern is designed to blend the requirements of dry grip and water dispersal, giving the driver a larger contact area and consistent wear for longer tire life. Larger tread ribs/blocks on the outside increase cornering stability while smaller inner blocks aid in dissipating water.

Four-wide longitudinal grooves.

The grooves evacuate water and enhance longitudinal traction to prevent lateral slide improving wet driving performance.

Wear-resistant shoulder design.

Integrated heat-resisting bars in the shoulder reduce irregular tread wear and dampen wind noise. This highly stable shoulder profile also pays off in great high-speed cornering.

3D Shoulder Grooves.

Reduce road noise for a quiet and comfortable ride.


175/65 R14 DH2 175 65 14 82 H Rp. 601.587,00
185/70 R14 DH2 185 70 14 0 88 H Rp. 671.429,00
195/70 R14 DH2 195 70 14 0 91 H Rp. 752.381,00
185/55 R15 DH2 185 55 15 0 82 V Rp. 817.460,00
215/65 R16 DH2 215 65 16 102 W Rp. 1.147.619,00
1655/40 R17 DH2 1655 40 17 72 V Rp. 849.206,00
185/35 R17 DH2 185 35 17 82 V Rp. 928.571,00
205/40 R17 DH2 205 40 17 84 W Rp. 1.088.889,00
215/45 R17 DH2 215 45 17 91 W Rp. 1.071.429,00
225/50 R18 DH2 225 50 18 0 99 W Rp. 1.488.889,00
225/60 R18 DH2 225 60 18 100 V Rp. 1.746.032,00
235/50 R18 101W DH2 235 50 18 101 W Rp. 1.468.254,00