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New Model Release: VERSUS Stratagia Series [ REVOLVE ] debut!

The third model of this series arrives this spring: REVOLVE. The rim ends are subtle while the line to the center is a sudden concave with a directional twist. Original machining technology follow the spoke lines for a smooth appearance and a strong concave impact. The dimensional Floating Edge design is also apparent with this model.  This visual trick is used to provide an illusion of a larger diameter while in fact sizes are available for smaller width vehicles. Our original and patented A.M.T. (Advanced Machining Technology) is evident with the VERSUS logo machining. Fitments available for Japanese and European applications in 18, 19, and 20 inch sizes. Available in a single color: Diamond Cut/Side Black Mica+Machining (PAC). Center cap and air valve is included with each piece. This Made in House, Made in Japan, Cast One Piece Mono block starts delivery from Summer, 2019.