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VERSUS Stratagia TRIAINA debut!

The VERSUS brand pre-launches a brand new 2019 model: Stratagia series TRIAINA. Prominent design features include the floating edge-the spoke end includes an edge design creating an accent when tire is installed-providing a floating image. The Black Mica color offers an outline DC, where the floating edge is processed by diamond cut to create an eye-point creating a larger diameter feel. Every other spoke also has weightless pockets. This brand new design is available in 18, 19, and 20 inch fitments for both Japanese and European applications. The center cap has been renewed with an all new VERSUS logo. The colors available are Black Mica (BKDC), and Cromo Ibrido (DR+MC). This model includes air valve, center cap, and a long adapter. Official website will be updated with the new model information shortly. This Made in House, Made in Japan, Cast One Piece wheel starts delivery from January, 2019. Order your set now to be on the wait list for the first arriving inventory.