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ADV.1 Track Function Series
ADV10 Track Function

3 Piece / Track Function.
our version of "entry level" which in reality isn't entry level at all in comparison to other wheel brands competing for this price point. The term "entry level" only pertains to the Trak Function line being ADV.1's entry level 3 piece wheel, however still it remains one of the highest quality options in it's price range.

uses a template based engineering process rather than our other 3 piece wheels which are individually engineered without any set guidelines. allows for faster production and lower cost.
pre-lathe programmed / non concave profiles allowing for a deeper traditional style step lip design.

lightweight, strong and uses the same ADV.1 quality and materials found on all of our forged wheels.
diameters 17-22. Widths 5.0-15.0+

Diameter : -
Width :
ET :
Hole / PCD :
Finishing :
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